Advanced Performance
Prerequisite: Intermediate Performance

6 weeks * Class sessions: one hour * Class Fee: $150 (for entire course)

The Advanced class will emphasize attention, reward placement, handling, beginning jumping, and fine tuning the skills started in intermediate.

To register, find a class in the below schedule that works for you and follow the prompts. If you took classes in the August session, you have an account already created and just need to reset your password to access. Please read all registration information.

For the first session
– Please arrive 15 minutes early
– Bring your dog on a leash and buckle collar, slip, or prong collar (no retractable ‘flexi’ leads or chain leads; any collar, with exception of e-collar, is allowed)
– Bring soft treats (more than you think you’ll need!)
– Bring copies of current vaccinations and rabies certificate (if you haven’t emailed)

Next Classes. We do not do waiting lists; when there is an available class, the registration link for it will be open. We typically have a new session of all classes start about every 8 weeks (sometimes longer), with the registration open a month in advance.

Questions? Please email us at