Beginner Training

6 weeks * Class sessions: 50 minutes * Class Fee: $150 (for entire course)

Beginner training is aimed at training you to train your dog. Emphasis is on the training needed to make the dog a good companion: walk on a loose leash, sit, stand, down, stay and come when called. This class is for dogs 6 months of age and older.

You must pass Beginners in order to advance to CGC, Intermediate, Agility Foundations or other classes. The test includes a 30 second sit/stay (on leash), a 30 second down/stay (on leash), and controlled walking on a LOOSE leash. The dog must not show aggression towards other dogs or towards people.

To register, find and click on a class in the below schedule that works for you and follow the prompts (all registrations are now online). Please read all registration information.

The above is a scrollable list – there are multiple times offered for the beginner classes.

All classes currently scheduled: If no classes show up, that means no classes are currently open for registration.

For the first session
– Please arrive 15 minutes early
– Bring your dog on a leash and buckle collar, slip, or prong collar (no retractable ‘flexi’ leads or chain leads; any collar, with exception of e-collar, is allowed)
– Bring soft treats (more than you think you’ll need!)
– Bring copies of current vaccinations and rabies certificate (if you haven’t emailed)

Next Classes. We do not do waiting lists; when there is an available class, the registration link for it will be open. We typically have a new session of all classes start about every 8 weeks (sometimes longer), with the registration open a month in advance.

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